School Performance Data: Early Years, Phonics, KS1 and KS2

We pride ourselves in making sure that we educate the 'whole child' and provide a balanced curriculum. At the same time we recognise the importance of basic skills of English and mathematics.

From 2016, in KS1 and KS2, we are working without the levels judgement we have had previously. Children are being judged against age-related expectations. They will be:

  • Working below the expected standard
  • Working towards the expected standard
  • Working at the expected standard
  • Working at greater depth within the expected standard

All expectations have been raised in each year group with aspects of work being expected earlier in a child’s schooling. 

Below, you will find a summary of school data from early Years, through Year 1 (phonics assessment), the end of Key Stage 1 and finally end of Key Stage 2. These performance measures are not current due to the impact of Coronavirus.

School Performance Data for Website 2018-19 by on Scribd

Data can also be looked at on the Department of Education School's Comparison website; our school data can be looked at by clicking here.


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Sandiway Primary School

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