Music at Sandiway Primary School 

Together, we take our children on a journey that is engaging, exciting and empowering for all.

Mrs Tucker is our curriculum leader for Music 

Music at Sandiway Primary School

At Sandiway Primary School we aim to:

  • Engage: Provide opportunity for pupils to explore their own and others creativity through song and instruments that inspire and motivate them.
  • Excite: To develop pupils’ interest and enjoyment of music through a range of genres and performance opportunities.
  • Empower: To ensure pupils experience a progressive curriculum that encourages experimentation, skill and the ability to flourish as a confident performer.

What does our music curriculum look like?

Music is taught using the National Curriculum objectives.  We use the a range of resources to deliver our musical curriculum including drawing on the music teachers knowledge and skill,Charanga Music School and the Model Music Curriculum to challenge our motivated musicians. Our music curriculum follows a key skills and knowledge approach with subject specific disciplines that encourages creativity via listening, composition and performing.  Termly questions are set for the children to explore and answer and some use of the Charanga scheme supports the children's musical jouney. The First Access Program offers one year group the opportunity to learn a tunned instrument and play as part of an ensemble. Continued learning in this instrument is also offered as an After School Club too.

How is music structured in our school?

The Subject Leader delivers the majority of music lessons across the school using her knowledge, expertise and skills to successfully implement an enjoyable and inspirational curriculum.  Lessons take place each week for every child. We access support from specialist teachers/professional musicians and high school staff to support the teaching of new skills and techniques. Training is available for staff to develop additional skills and best practice.

All children access the music curriculum. The Long term plan for music is progressive in terms of listening and appraising, singing, playing instruments, notation reading, improvising, composing and performing. More detailed planning is available in school.

A diverse range of artists, genres and composers are studied.  Music builds upon the following key areas: performance, listening to, reviewing and evaluating music across a range of historical periods, styles, traditions and cultures,

Children learn to sing and to use their voices expressively. They create and compose music on their own and with others, have the opportunity to learn multiple musical instruments, use technology appropriately and are given the opportunity to evaluate their own work and others. Through these opportunities, our children are able to progress to the next level of musical excellence.  Music links are made across the curriculum where appropriate. 

How do we enrich music?

Regular performances are held throughout the year. These vary from small key stage performances to other classes and our school families, to larger whole school musicals and celebrations.Performance venues also vary from places of worship and residential nursing homes to large sports and concert halls. These performances incorporate other curriculum areas (British Values, SMSC, Maths, English, History, Well-being etc). 

Extra-curricular activities are regularly offered to promote a sharing of skills, confidence creativity and enjoyment (KS1 Singing Club, KS2 Choir, Digital Music Club, Recorder Club, Ukulele Club etc)

How do we provide for all learners at Sandiway Primary school?

Through our teaching and learning of music, all children have a positive view of this subject. They are enthusiastically able to demonstrate their musical understanding and develop their creativity. The music curriculum is equitable and appropriate for all groups ensuring full access and parity for all pupils. Children are supported when necissary to enable success and more able pupils are challenged to ensure everyone can fullfil their potential in this subject.

How do we assess music at Sandiway Primary School?

The Subject Leader monitors the progress of music through work scrutiny of practical tasks, composition work, pupil voice, and performances. Children are expected to understand and apply musical vocabulary based on the objectives being taught.  Assessments are ongoing and judgements are made by the Subject Leader and music teachers at the end of each term. Next steps for progression then become evident.

"I never thought I'd be able to sing a solo part in the end of year performance but I'm so proud that I did. I've improved my performance skills every year.!" Isla Yr 6

"I'm so excited to join Recorder Club, I've been practising in the holidays because I loved learning it in Year 2." Isaac  Year 4

"When we sing together it makes me happy because we sing great songs and it's lots of fun." Flo Yr 3

"In our music lessons, I've learnt to experiment and improvise with notation and I can now do it really well. At home I enjoy composing my own music to play on my piano." Ellie Yr 6

"Learning the Ukulele was brilliant! I couldn't believe how good we sound altogether."

"I told my Mummy that the pulse is the heart beat of the music." Thea Year 1.

" I hope we remember to warm up our voices before we go on stage, I want my voice to sound really good!" Alice Year 2.

Our Long Term Plan is shown below.

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