Curriculum Impact


This is what you might typically see:

  • Happy and engaged learners
  • A variety of independent, paired and group work
  • Exploratory work, practise and high quality final pieces
  • Engagement and perseverance
  • Self-motivated children
  • Children talking positively about the curriculum, sharing and reflecting on their learning


This is how we know how well our pupils are doing:

  • Observations of work being produced, books.
  • Verbal feedback from teacher to pupil
  • Verbal feedback from pupil to teacher/TA
  • Pupil voice conversations with Subject Leaders/ SLT
  • Photo evidence on Seesaw
  • Monitoring of children’s progress over time
  • Assessments (low stakes quizzes, termly tests, statutory tests)


This is the impact of the teaching:

  • Confident children who can talk about their learning in different subject areas.
  • Children who are enjoying their learning.
  • Children who want to know more.

Children who are equipped with a range of knowledge, skills and techniques to enable them to become lifelong learners

Sandiway Primary School

Weaverham Road, Sandiway, Cheshire, CW8 2ND