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Welcome to Club Rock at Sandiway Primary School

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We are delighted to introduce Club Rock, our before and after school Club!  Our Pebbles (Reception and KS1) and our Rocks (KS2) join us everyday from 7.30am up until 6pm.  The children are escorted to classrooms at the start of the day to register and are collected again at the end of the school day by Club Rock staff.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club operates from 7.30am.

After-School Club operates from 3.15pm (KS2 from 3.20pm)


All regular bookings can be made by requesting a place via  Your place will be confirmed via email.   A regular booking is where your child attends the booked sessions EVERY week. Bookings should be made in advance and you will need to commit to a routine for a half term at a time.  Please ensure that you read, understand and sign our terms and conditions.

Adhoc Bookings

You may wish to use Club Rock on a more ‘adhoc’ basis.  You can review any spaces we have on the School Spider app.  Equally if you are a regular user with an additional requirement you can review our availability on the app.  Adhoc users can also use the app to make cancellations.

Costs and invoicing

The cost for Breakfast Club is: £5.50

The cost for after-school Club until 4.30pm (including a snack, but not tea) is £5.50, and until 6.00pm (including a light tea) is £12.60. There is a 10% discount for siblings.

A register will be taken every day.  If you need to cancel a session we ask that you do this at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged. Invoicing will be done on a half-termly basis, in advance with payment within 2 weeks.  Any credits you are owed (such as if your child is ill will be added to your next invoice).


The Club will operate from the school hall. In the event of this being used for other events (parents evenings etc.), The Club will be moved to a classroom. Additionally, children will be using the outside facilities including the Reception area, field and forest areas.


Mrs Segrott (Club leader) oversees all aspects of the club and is your first point of contact for all queries. Working with Mrs Segrott are Mrs Clarke (deputy), Mrs Yadollahi, Mrs Boylan, Mrs Sawicki, Mrs McNair, Mrs Murray, Miss Lewis, Miss Sherwin and Mrs Dowdall are also part of the team. Additionally, other members of the school will be on the premises to support The Club.


There will be a variety of activities on offer for the children. There will be a mixture of ‘core activities’ (board games, puzzles, crafts) that will be put out for the children to enjoy. Reception children will also have activities which will continue their Early Years provision. Added to this will be ‘special activities’ on a rota basis during the session/week, including: outdoor play, sports activities, music activities, reading, homework supervision, forest activities, computing, etc. The special activities will be dependent upon the weather, available staff and the wishes of the children.


At breakfast time, the children will be offered cereal, toast, fruit, and milk/water as a minimum.

At the beginning of the afternoon session, snacks will be available, for example: toast, fruit, rice cakes.. A light tea will be offered from approximately 4.45pm, including wraps/sandwiches, salad, savoury rice, fillings, soup/toast, pasta, beans/toast, etc.  On special occasions we have parties and treat days where we make our own pizzas and enjoy a movie with popcorn. Water/milk and fruit will always be on offer. All food will be prepared in the school kitchen. Allergen information for all food is available.

Handover to parents/carers

Please drop off/collect the children from the main school entrance. To alert the Club staff, use the office buzzer in the front lobby. It is important that you let us know about any changes to the person who will be collecting. If in doubt, we will contact you to confirm the person collecting should be doing so – this is for reasons of child protection.


Mrs Segrott can be contacted by email If we need to contact you, we will use the details held in school, following the priority we have for you.


The Club will operate within school polices, as such any emergencies will be handled in-line with the policy. Accidents will be dealt with by first-aiders, emergency medical assistance will be called as necessary, possibly before contacting parents. Any matters of poor behaviour will also be dealt with in-line with school policies.


The school’s complaints policy should be used. In the first instance, we ask that you contact the members of staff in the Club, or the Headteacher.

If you have any questions, queries, feedback or suggestions, please contact us at school. The best way to do this is through the dedicated email address:




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