Our Approach to Spelling

Spelling at Sandiway Primary School

We aim for all our pupils to become fluent and effective writers. We use the National Curriculum as a basis for teaching GPS by introducing patterns, conventions and continually practising those already introduced. From September 2022 Year 2-6 will use Pathways to Spelling with an aim to develop a school of spellers.

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Pathways to Spell is an innovative and engaging programme to fascinate pupils about words. It is a research-based series of lessons following a Review, Explain, Practise, Apply and Reflect model. Through this programme, we aim to develop a school of spellers who use a series of strategies in lessons and in their independent writing. There is a cycle of reviewing objectives, covering the whole curriculum, to ensure gaps in learning are constantly revisited. Pathways to Spell links directly with our writing and reading programmes.

Key elements of Pathways to Spell:

  • Covers the whole national curriculum.
  • Pedagogically sound and evidence-based.
  • Multi-sensory approach.
  • Builds phonemic, orthographic and etymological knowledge.
  • Develops a range of independent spelling strategies to apply beyond spelling lessons.
  • Regular opportunities to edit and improve work are provided. The children are expected to proof read their work to improve spelling, punctuation and grammar. They add, omitt and change words to improve the content. 

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