Our Vision

Our school vision is central to all that we do:

Growing and achieving together...

Together, at Sandiway Primary School, we welcome, nurture and enthuse a love of learning and success in all. Within a safe and supportive environment, we encourage confidence and independence.  We inspire children to thrive through memorable and aspirational experiences that envelop the whole child.

As staff, parents and Local Academy Board members, we have thought about this vision in a number of ways:

Personal Characteristics: We are happy, kind and respectful.

Our children are happy, confident and increasingly independent; show respect and kindness to themselves and others.

Individual Needs: We respect one and other’s differences

Our whole school community is respectful of one and other’s differences to ensure there are no barriers to learning.  

Health and Well-being: We look after our bodies and minds to support our well-being.

Nurturing a healthy body and a healthy mind that provides our children with the life skills to achieve emotional and physical well-being.

Curriculum: We learn and remember through our exciting, empowering and engaging journey.

Our progressive curriculum is ambitious;  each child learns and remembers more through their exciting, empowering and engaging learning journey.

Behaviour: We are responsible role models.

Our children are responsible role models within the school and the wider community.

Community: We add positively the lives of those around us.

Our children engage with and share in the community, respecting differences and adding further value and richness to the lives of those around them.

Environment: We are environmentally responsible as global citizens.

From a safe, supportive, inspirational school environment our children understand their responsibility as a global citizen.

Children in the school community: We are proud ambassadors of our school community.

Our children are confident, valued and proud ambassadors of our inclusive school community.

Staff and Leadership: We all work together as an effective team.

Our school is led by an aspirational team who lead by example, work enthusiastically together creating an environment where everyone feels valued. 

Sandiway Primary School

Weaverham Road, Sandiway, Cheshire, CW8 2ND

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