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MFL at Sandiway Primary School

Our chosen language is French

Together, we take our children on a journey that is engaging, exciting and empowering for all.

Our French teacher/specialist is Mrs Worsdale  who is supported in her role by Mrs Kathryn Harvey 

‘A high-quality languages education should foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world.’

National Curriculum, 2014


At Sandiway Primary School we aim to:

Engage: Introduce the learning of the French language and culture in an enjoyable way, through a range of language activities such as memorising words and phrases through repetition, singing songs and playing games. This will hopefully embed essential language learning skills.

Excite: Develop all pupils’ interest in and love of learning languages and to encourage them to become language detectives. Through recognising similarities and differences between cultures, we encourage our pupils to develop a life-long curiosity about language learning and the cultures of other countries around the world.

Empower: Encourage the building of confidence through experimentation and practise of the French language, ensuring all pupils experience a progressive curriculum that fosters a development of language learning skills, including the key areas of listening, speaking reading and writing. This will provide a good foundation for future language learning.

Most importantly, we aim to create a love of language learning that will continue beyond KS2 and develop a good understanding of language learning skills. These skills will be transferable to any other languages that are explored in the future.


What does the French Curriculum look like?

Our MFL curriculum has been designed to encourage enthusiasm for language learning whilst progressively developing key skills in French. Teaching is topic-based, building a bank of vocabulary and investigating the structure of the French language, including investigating grammar such as gender, verbs and using adjectives. To help develop confidence, children will regularly revise previously learned language and further build on this knowledge in new topics to ensure progress is made.

 We are currently using the Primary Languages Network scheme to deliver the majority of our French curriculum. This enables both a French specilaist and non-specialist to deliver our French curriculum effectively.  


How is the French curriculum structured?

Children enjoy and achieve in MFL through learning French for the four years throughout KS2.  Children have opportunity to build upon oracy, Literacy and Intercultural understanding within French to enable them to become confident and engaged linguists.  Children will have the opportunity to develop skills across the four key language learning areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.


How do we assess in French?

Progression is monitored by the teacher throughout the lessons and by using ‘assessment through learning’ at the end of each unit of work.

Useful links

The children enjoy learning some key vocabulary through songs - please find links below to a selection we have used in class to sing and practise at home.

Bonjour song

French alphabet

Numbers 1=20

Numbers 20=50

Numbers 50-70

Numbers 70-100

Les couleurs

Months song


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