Emails and Online Payments (School Gateway)

We use School Gateway as a means to ensure that we communicate effectively with our parents. We email letters and notes home and send texts to remind parents of upcoming events. Please download the app to receive the messages. You can also make payments for uniform, school visits, school lunches and school snacks. etc.

Payments can be made using an app on a smartphone (the app can be downloaded from Apple or Google's online stores) or through the School Gateway website. Payments can be made by debit card, credit card or by direct bank transfer. There are banking costs associated with the service, which are paid for by the school. In order to minimise these charges, the preferred method of payment is by direct bank transfer (this needs to be set up through the School Gateway website before it can be used through the app). 

Below, you can download a letter which we sent to parents with details of the service. There is also a set of frequently asked questions.

Please contact the school office if you need any help with using the service.

Files to Download