Behaviour Principles

We have high expectations for our pupils' behaviour; good behaviour is essential for effective teaching and learning to take place. We choose to behave in the way that we do - all children need to understand that their behaviours are choices - either good or not good. We recognise that there are a number of barriers that prevent some children from recognising that they are making the right choice, or that other factors means that the right choice is hard to make.

At Sandiway Primary School we will support all children, helping them to make good choices. Sometimes this means that some children extra incentives and rewards to ensure that they learn about what good choices are.

We also recognise that we all have roles and responsibilities for our behaviours beyond the school gates: at home, in shops, in parks and walking around the community. 

At Sandiway Primary School we have a 'no excuses' approach bullying, hurting other children and disruptive behaviour. Our school Behaviour Policy gives further details of incentives and rewards for good behaviour, as well as support and sanctions for when behaviours do not meet expectations.


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