Data Protection/GDPR

(UK) General Data Protection Regulation (UK) GDPR

In January 2021 the current GDPR regulation changes and becomes (UK) General Data Protection Regulation.

The UK is committed to maintaining the high standards of the GDPR and the government has incorporated it into UK law (the UK GDPR) alongside the Data Protection Act 2018.

The Regulation affects all countries in the European Union, but it will remain in British Law following Brexit.

In the United Kingdom the Information Commissioner’s Office will check that everyone is complying with the law.

The school has worked hard to ensure that we comply with the requirements of the Regulation, because we take your privacy seriously. We will include aspects of the (UK) GDPR in the IT and computing curriculum so that your children learn how to protect their privacy and online reputation in our highly technological world.

The school staff have had training so that they are familiar with the requirements of the (UK) GDPR. Staff are regularly reminded of their responsibilities. Documentation is available on this website: privacy notices and acceptable use policies for families and pupils. Families will also see receive letters requesting consent for some school activities, such as for the use of photographs. Please note that we have to have a reply to these letters, otherwise your child might miss out when you would actually prefer them to be included: we cannot just assume that you agree (or don’t agree)!

We have reviewed the security of all our IT systems and the storage of our paper records. If any companies or partner agencies have access to any school data then we are requiring them to confirm that they also comply with the (UK) GDPR.

Thank you for your continued support as we all work to protect everyone’s right to privacy.

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