Key Stage 2 Music

Date: 4th Jan 2016 @ 3:42pm



Once again, our school has been bursting with tuneful harmonies throughout the first Spring Half Term.

KS 1 based their focus on lyric writing, using rhyme and rhythm after a visit from a rather friendly baby T Rex called Tina.

Take a look at the rhymes below. I’m sure that you’ll agree, they definitely create an atmosphere and impact upon the reader!



Once again music has been coming out of every nook at cranny at Sandiway Primary School.  This term the children have worked tirelessly to create and develop compositions based on or around Roald Dahl's, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Year 3 and 4 have been working hard creating soundscapes. They now have a good understanding of the ability music has to paint a picture or generate emotion. Great team effort were seen during these lessons, well-done everyone!

Year 5  have been a credit to themselves and our school this term as they have shown a great comitment to learning how to play a range of Brass instruments (myself included!)  After only 6 lessons they can play 6 notes and several recognisable songs. The enthusiasm and developing skill is outstanding and Mr Donaldson and I are extremely impressed! We are looking forward to performing to friends and family members on Tuesday 29th Novemeber at 1.30pm.

Year 6 created amazing compositions this term using both body and instrumental percussion. Evidence of these can be found in the children's music books and in the video files held by Mrs Tucker. They are fantastic and really did provide the impression of Willy Wonka's factory sounds!

Finally, the whole school sang their socks off as they performed The Oompa Lompa song on Bookfest Day to raise money for new reading materials in school.

A huge well-done to everyone and great effort as usual!


As always, this term had every child singing, dancing and jumping for joy as we prepared to perform for a number of

Our first took place at the Sandiway and Cuddington's Gala Day. Despite several heavy downpours prior to our performance, the sun shone when we took to the arena as 86 children sang and danced to a specially composed song called Be The Best That You Can Be. The children choreographed the movements and with the added gymnastic skills and rhythmics ribbons they produced a high quality performance. After the weekend I that recieved a large number of emails and congratulation cards from members of the community who said how impressed they were with our performance. smiley

Sandfest 2016 shortly followed and the KS 2 children sang a rather lengthy Pop medley with a huge amount of lyrics to learn and tricky rhythm patterns to sing they certainly did themselves proud!

Towards the end of term  a handful of children from YR 5 performed at the Music Celebration Assembly and were supported by a generous audience of family and friends. The Whole school sang their socks off and KS 1 Choir performed with a growing confidence.

Following our exceptional SATS results, YR 6 set to preparing for their end of year performance. This year they selected a rather wordy script with a spooky but humerous feeling to it called The Rocky Monster Show. The children have worked tirlessly to rehearse their script, songs, create props and costumes and develop their performance skills. Following a recent visit to watch the musical Wicked the children were inspired by the stage presence of the actors and have greatly improved their own performances. Later this week this show will be performed to all the children in school and again to the YR 6 friends and family members who will be in store for an amazing treat!

A fantastic end to an extremly tuneful year. Well-done everyone!

Many thanks for your enthusiasm and continued support and we look forward to sharing our musical journey next term.

Mrs Tucker (Music Subject Leader)


Spring Term 2016

Young Voices Concert

After the festive period,  children from Years' 5 and 6 had no time to rest their singing voices and dancing as they worked hard to perfect their lyrics and dance moves in preparation for a performance at the MEN Areana on 29th February.

With one hundred and five supporters accompanying us, children and staff sang their hearts out with a number of well- known celebreties. Throughout the day I was asked a number of times if we had worked with the Young Voices team in preparation for the concerts due to the children's excellent behaviour and high level of performance skills displayed. I am extremely proud to say no to these questions and wish to thank the children for their.endless enthusiasum, dedication and application of skills to this performance.. A memorable occassion was had by all!

Towards the end of the term Year 5 and 6 children continued to develop their composition skills using Garage Band. Some great compositions were shared and we look forward to applying the knowledge gained to creating some vocal and body composition next term as we enter the exciting world of Beatboxing!

Children in Year 3 have also had a very musical term as they have continued to develop their music reading skills through learning how to play the recorder. n excellent performance of Hot Cross Buns was produced with an advanced performance being played by a number of more able musician's. A great achievement for all!

Children in Year 4 have been learning about the composer Antonio Vivaldi. Working in small groups the children created four excellent vocal compositions in the style of Vivaldi's Four Seasons.Next term we will transfer these skills and create an accomanying composition using tunned and untunned instruments. Great team work Year 4!

Weaverham Music Festival

After ten weeks of rehearsals, the KS2 Choir performed at Weaverham High School's Music Festival on the evening of 21st March.The forty strong choir have been working hard to learn three songs (When I Grow Up from Matilda, from Poccohontis and Believe from The Prince of Thieves.. Working with Mrs Elliott, Jacob Dorfman (our pianist) and myself, the cchoir have been developing their skills in two part harmony singing, improving dynamics and performance skills. 

I was absoloutely delighted with the end result and watching the final performance of Believe, accompanied by a live band actually made me shed a tearn or two. Take a look at the clips on the school's performance page and I know that you'll agree, they were fabulous and I can't wait to show them off again at Sanfest in the Summer term!

As usual the term came to a musical end as the children in Year 3 and 4 performed a lively service in        St John's Church. Everyone sang with confidence and performed with energy and expression.

Well -done everyone. It feels like we've had another lively term with lots of performances and musical achievements.  Enjoy the holiday and come back full of energy as we'll be preparing for our performances at Sandiway and Cuddington Gala and our very our Sandfest! Ta da! smiley

Autumn Term 2015

The Mc Millian Coffee Morning

Our musical term began on 25th September when the children from Year 5 and 6 gave a heart warming performance of The Power In Me to over 180 friends and family members at the McMillian Coffee Morning. After serving a large selection of delicious cakes to the audience the children danced and sang with good diction,excellent dynamics and endless confidence that was mentioned by many.

Throughout the rest of the term Year 5 and 6 worked on developing their understanding of Blues music and created their own lyrics to compliment this style. Adding actions to each piece helped to add expression and produced a highly polished performance.

Children in Year 3 and 4 have been exploring descriptive sounds in the first half of the term and both had enormous fun. Year 3 created several compositions based around the theme of Animal Adventures.After learning how to use Indian Hand movements the children adapted the first piece and added more dynamics. Some children showed great leadership qualities as the took on the role of the Conductor too.

Year 5 displayed some superb teamwork as they produced an eary composition based on a scene from a book which they had been focussing on in English. We can't wait to hear what Rachel Lindsey, the author of the Warrior Troll thinks of their composition. I was delighted with the atmosphere that it created!

Christmas 2015

Christmas came early for the children in Year 3 and 4 as they sang their socks off at St John's Christmas Market on Saturday 28th November. With an audience of over 100 people the children sang, danced and signed with expression and enthusiasm. We were extremely proud of them all!

As Christmas approached, children in Year 6 set to work creating a stunning piece of descriptive writing which was then used as the script for Year 5 and 6 to perform in St John's Church on Wednesday 15th December. The children performed with energy and emotion to a candlit building which was fit to burst. Many parents commented upon the lovely service and I know it will be remembered for many years to come.

Well-done Children you have had a very productive term and I look forward to what the Spring term may bring!

Sandiway Primary School

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