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Date: 11th Oct 2016 @ 4:06pm


Spring Term - Le Printemps

Bonjour à tous!

We started off this term learning how french children celebrate Epiphany or 'La Fête des rois' including singing traditional songs and dancing. We have then been concentrating on learning the days of the week, months of the year and how to say the date and also our birthdays in french. The children have learned to say, read and order these words in french, and learning the numbers to 31. We often use songs from the internet to help boost our memories as it is often easier to remember words and expressions when they are linked to a tune. (See the links below). Please feel free to practise with these songs at home.

We had a fabulous day on our European Day of Languages when the children truly excelled themselves. Year 4 had such fun learning all about Sweden and produced some detailed posters about Swedish culture as well as learing some Swedish expressions and words.

For the next half term, we will learn how to say how old we are and then move onto learning  the names of animals and how to say which ones we like and dislike. We will also be looking at our classroom and identify objects we can see around school. The children will be encouraged to ask and respond to questions and use all 4 key skills ( reading, speaking, listening and writing).

Autumn term - L'Automne

Year 4 have been working really hard in French from the beginning of the year, way back in September.

The Autumn term was mainly focused on key language learning skills -

  • the french alphabet (sounds and pronunciation)
  • numbers 1- 31
  • using a bi-lingual dictionary
  • greetings
  • gender ( masculine and feminine)
  • articles ( definite (le,la) and indefinite (un, une))

We have used songs and poems (Le chocolat) and activities/games to embed this grammar and the children have grown in confidence enormously. It is really great to see them 'having a go' and to see their enthusiasm in lessons.


French days of the week

Months - les mois

L'alphabet français

les nombres 1-20

Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire?




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